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Print instructions for gifts of stock.


Giving securities (appreciated stocks and bonds) is an easy and tax-wise way to show your support to Virginia Commonwealth University. As the owner of stocks or bonds that have appreciated in value, selling these assets incurs capital gains taxes. Donating these securities is a cost effective way to make a charitable gift.

Benefits include:

  • a charitable tax deduction equal to the full fair market value of the securities at the time of your gift;
  • avoidance of the capital gains tax on the increase in value;
  • reduction of the cost of making a gift, when a long or mid-term appreciated stock gift is made; and
  • donating securities is easy.

Instructions for Electronic Transfer

This is the easiest method when a donor maintains holdings in a brokered account. It is also our preferred, and the most expedient, method of transfer. DTC, or Depository Trust Company, is the clearinghouse for electronic security transfer. Each brokerage firm has a specific DTC number.

All brokers acting on the Donor's behalf are to code their account as follows for delivery of a stock gift that is DTC eligible:

  • Custodian Client Name: VCUF Gift Clearing Account
  • Custodian Client Account Number: 7013690
  • DTC Participant ID Number: 2039
  • FFC Suntrust Bank a/c: 11188

For securities NOT eligible for DTC delivery, please contact Mr. Brian Fowlkes at (804)828-9292.Please contact Mr. James Bernal, at least 24 hours prior to delivery, at Suntrust Bank - (404)724-3644 to confirm delivery of DTC eligible security.

NOTE: Always contact VCU before transfer has taken place. These instructions should be delivered to your broker or transfer agent.

Instructions for Stock that Arrive by Certificate

If a donor would like to send or bring by a stock certificate that is in his/her name, a stock power form needs to be included or, less recommended, the stock certificate needs to be signed on the back. Stock power formsare available via this web site or from any broker. On the stock power form or back of certificate, only fill in:

  • the number of shares;
  • the type of security (e.g. common or preferred, etc.);
  • the name of the corporation; and
  • the stock certificate number.

Because the "transfer to" section is left blank, the stock power should be sent under separate cover from the certificate. If the back of the certificate is being filled out in lieu of a stock power and the certificate is going to be sent through the mail or via express delivery, the "transfer to" section should be filled out to Virginia Commonwealth University Foundation. If the certificate is in the Foundation's name, no stock power is needed. Please note that the process for re-registering stock certificates (i.e., transferring the certificate into the Foundation's name) can take from two to four weeks, so that this is the least efficient method of transfer. Stock certificates should be sent to:

Express Mail Only

Virginia Commonwealth University Foundation
ATTN: Mr. Brian Fowlkes
700 W. Grace St., 3rd floor
Richmond, VA 23284

U.S. Postal Address:

Virginia Commonwealth University Foundation
ATTN: Mr. Brian Fowlkes
P.O. Box 843075
Richmond, VA 23284-3075

If the certificates have been re-registered to the Virginia Commonwealth University Foundation, a letter should be included identifying the donor.

If you need further assistance or to notify us of an incoming gift of securities, please contact Mr. Brian Fowlkes at (804)828-9292.

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