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Ways to give


Students scholarships

Our challenge
Seventy percent of our undergraduate students are finishing college with an average debt of $20,000.

Our goal
The greatest responsibility of a public university is to make a college education affordable for every deserving student.
Our progress to date

  • Ninety percent of our students who request financial aid receive some sort of assistance.
  • Since 1990, we've tripled the amount of financial aid we're providing our students.
  • VCU fully meets the needs of half of the students who apply for financial aid with loans, work programs, grants and scholarships.
  • VCU is surpassing its peers, like George Mason University, Old Dominion University and Virginia Tech, in helping more of its students afford the cost of a college education.

Call to action
For every $1 in scholarships a student receives, alumni and friends contribute only 16 cents. Congress and the General Assembly provide only half of all scholarships that students need.

Your gift will help VCU continue its success in keeping education affordable for all students. Make your gift today.

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